Advanced Heat Recovery offers a turnkey project
approach.  We have the experience and ability to deliver
all aspects of your heat recovery project from inception,
through engineering to installation.  We can deliver
systems of any size or complexity, on budget and on time.

From the initial meeting, an Advanced Heat Recovery
project manager is assigned to each client.  From draft of
technical specifications through to commissioning, our
approach to project management takes the risk out of any
new project.

1.  consultancy
Advanced Heat Recovery’s engineering and management
team offer a consultancy-based solution.  We can present
you with a range of options on how to best achieve your
waste heat energy recovery objectives and maximize your
savings in the process.

2.  technical specification
Advanced Heat Recovery provides a high level of
engineering and problem solving skills, from developing
innovative ideas to delivering the appropriate technical
specification for your application, thus providing the most
practical and cost-effective solution for your business.

3.  installation
Advanced Heat Recovery directly manage all installations,
whether ‘hands-on’ or through our established distributor
links.  Our management team constantly strive to add
value, prior to and during installation, exhibiting a
commitment to continuous improvement which ensures
longevity of consistent system operation.

4.  commissioning
Advanced Heat Recovery’s experienced team of
engineers will commission every installation.  Our
approach to the management of your waste heat recovery
solution demonstrates our responsibility to ensure all
system applications are commissioned effectively through
to efficient hand over to the customer.
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Typical Project Shedule
1 Week = Complete Preliminary Savings Report
1 Month = Complete Proposal w/ ROI Analysis
3 Months = Complete Final Design Package
1- 2 Years = Typical System Payback
Actual annual saving was
50% higher than the original estimate!
Now operating successfully for over 4-years
without any maintenance!