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without any maintenance!
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As part of its energy review, this global company sought to reduce
its aluminium furnace gas costs.  A Gas to Air Superconducting
H/E was selected for the installation.

The project was approved on the basis of a
$100K / year savings and a total cost of $168K.

The superconducting, smooth pipe GA exchanger offers many
benefits in this high particulate exhaust environment which include:

  • Low fouling susceptibility – due to smooth,
        non-finned design
  • Ease of maintenance – pipes can be easily
        removed for cleaning
  • High reliability – through multiple redundancy design as
    each pipe operates independently so that a single pipe
    failure (in itself a rare event) will not incapacitate the unit
  • Failsafe design The overall installation design needed to
    be failsafe such that production would not be affected in the
    event the recovery unit needed to be switched off.  To
    address this challenge, a design was proposed  which
    allowed the unit to be by-passed for routine maintenance
    using an innovative, cost-effective approach that avoided
    the need for costly exhaust diversion valves.

Once in operation, the actual annual saving was 50% higher than
the original estimate!
.  This excellent result delivered a total
payback period for the project of 13 months.  Based on this
success, the client has placed an order for two more systems.
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Foundry - Aluminium Furnace Air Pre-Heater
Furnace manufacturer advised client that
no heat recovery technology existed
for such a harsh environment....  

Now they sell them!
Heat Exchanger
air back to furnace
Pulp & Paper
waste heat exhaust
from furnace
This client choose an outside pad location, but most are
located as close to the heat source as possible.
Excessive heat inside the plant was always a problem
so inside air was used as the makeup air for the system