Transfers high quantity of heat at low temperature difference
(40,000 times more than copper)

Up to 15Kw per cm2 with cross section axial gradient of
0.1ºC temperature difference but the same sized copper bar
would require an axial gradient of

A US Pulp & Paper Mill is replacing a 4-year-old,
$2.5M shell & tube H/E with a chronic fouling
problem with a Superconducting Heat Exchanger.
The new Superconducting H/E will cost
60% less
than the shell & tube heat exchanger
installed just 4 years ago!
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Does Your Company Have Green House
Gas / CO2 Reduction Goals?

As well as saving money,
this technology also
cuts CO2 emissions up to 30%.
This technology has been successfully used in the
aerospace and electronics industries for decades
and is an extremely reliable and proven technology
with strong advantages over conventional heat
exchanger designs.

It has been regarded as cost prohibitive as an
energy recovery technology.  

The patented manufacturing process significantly
reduced the manufacturing costs of these systems
and made them practical for industrial use.  They
are highly competitive against classical exchanger
technologies like shell and tube, plate and frame
and rotary.
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Minimum maintenance – low fouling susceptibility due to smooth
design and zero cross contamination ensure minimal system
downtime.  Single failures do not prohibit or substantially affect
system operation and can be easily replaced.

Completely isothermal operation – the thermodynamic process, in
which the system maintains constant temperature, facilitates
corrosion resistance.  If one end were put in a flame and the
other in cold water the working temperature of the super-
conducting pipe would remain the same along the full length.

Reliability – most systems come with a 5-year warranty offering a
greater life expectancy than other heat exchanger technologies
and an even higher overall costs savings.
The Superconducting Heat Exchanger offers many distinct
advantages over typical heat exchangers including:

  • Excellent level of efficiency for rapid payback
  • No moving parts for virtually maintenance free operation
  • Zero cross-contamination as pure energy is all that is
  • Much lower pressure drop than other H/E technologies
  • The unit can be easily cleaned
  • Robust – Thick pipe walls do not affect heat transfer
  • Reliable operation due to multiple redundancy – each pipe
    operates independently
  • Simple structures – no thermal stress on joints or casing
  • Available in a wide range of custom or standard designs
  • Various coatings and construction materials available to
    protect the units against a variety of conditions
  • Longer life expectancy than conventional exchangers
    means even lower lifetime cost
  • More resistant to low temperature corrosion
  • Integral design minimizing the adverse effects of metal
  • Collection of condensate in exhaust gases can be arranged
industrial waste heat recovery & recovering previously “unrecoverable” waste heat